Verein der deutsch-ukrainischen Zusammenarbeit e.V.

Dear friends of Ukraine!

If you would like to help, make your contribution to the defense of Ukraine. We look forward to your donations or your commitment as a member of the association.

#Stand with Ukraine

#Pray for Ukraine

#Stand with Ukraine

#Pray for Ukraine

#Stand with Ukraine

#Pray for Ukraine

#Stand with Ukraine

#Pray for Ukraine

#Stand with Ukraine

#Pray for Ukraine

#Stand with Ukraine

#Pray for Ukraine

#Stand with Ukraine

Our Mission

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we focus our volunteer work on the following areas:

  • Help for refugees from Ukraine
  • Procurement and delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine
  • Integration durch Ehrenamt
  • Cooperation with German and European funds and non-profit organizations
  • Establishment of economic cooperation between Ukraine and Germany with the aim of restoring and developing Ukraine.
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Call for Donations for the Flood Victims in the Kherson Region

Please help the residents of small villages
in the Kherson region to survive!

The extent of the tragedy in South Ukraine is hardly imaginable: thousands of injured people and animals, flooded houses, pollution of agricultural land, ecological disaster for Europe.

In the next step, the corpses of humans and animals begin to decay, leading to cholera, intestinal infections, diseases – and even more deaths. Please continue to help people and animals in Ukraine, please do not stop.

Our local partners, aid organizations GO Oleshye, Kherson and GO Perspektive, as well as the administration of the Novovoronzovka district are continuously working to rescue people and animals and to provide the population with drinking water and food.

They need our support.

Donation Account (Purpose: Flood Victims Kherson Region)

Postbank IBAN: DE02100100100994108120,


The list of urgent material goods for download:

Assistance Projects for Ukrainian Asylum Seekers in Hamburg


Children's Club Leisure Activities for Children


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Care of War Wounded

Hamburg and surrounding

Geflüchtete mit Behinderung in Hamburg

Care of Refugees with Disabilities



Psychological Support



Clothes Chamber Meeting Point


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Sachspenden für
die Ukraine


Support for Charitable Organizations in Ukraine

Recently, we have financially supported the following charitable organizations in Ukraine:

– Support Center for Homeless Mothers with Babies “City of Good” under the direction of Maria Levchenko, Chernivtsi

– Independent “Future Charitable Foundation”, Kyiv

– Charitable Fund “Help Kids Ua”, Lviv

– “Charitable Foundation Vyacheslav Letuta”, Chernihiv

– Andriy Derizemlya Charitable Foundation “Interaction”, Chernihiv

– Public Organization “Ukrainian Women”, Zaporizhia

– Volunteer Organization Watermelons of the Region” Kherson, Novovorontsovka,

– Public Organization “We are close”, Cherkasy

We would like to continue supporting charitable organizations in Ukraine. Every member of our association can register a fundraising campaign for a registered charitable organization in Ukraine that has an international bank account.

We will double the collected funds and transfer them directly to the organization’s account.

We would like to invite the members of our association to donate to a charitable organization in Ukraine that they would like to support. And we will double the collected funds. The most important thing is that the organization has an international bank account.

Anniversary of the Russian Offensive War against Ukraine

On 02/24/2023, we commemorated the victims of the anniversary of the extended Russian offensive war together with various Ukrainian organizers.

The war that Russia has been waging against the sovereign Ukrainian people has now been going on for 9 years, namely since 2014. We started at Hachmannplatz at 3 PM with a crowd of almost 5,000 people, all of whom wanted to show their solidarity on this painful day and support us.

Our commemorative march ended at Gänsemarkt where Ukrainians veiled the Lessing monument, in compliance with monument protection, just like the monuments in Ukraine that are protected as cultural assets from Russian rockets.

We were honored to welcome the second mayor of Hamburg, Ms. Fegebank, as well as the Polish Consul General Pavel Yavorski and the US Consul General Jason Chu on stage, who emphasized their solidarity once again.

We thank the city of Hamburg for the support during this difficult time and for the solidarity!

Food for Destroyed Villages

Thanks to donations, we can financially support the charitable organization “Independent Future” and will continue to do so gladly. The mobile team travels through the villages destroyed by the Russian army in the Kherson area (Bilozerskij and Borislawskij Region) and distributes food and medicine to residents. Dog and cat food is also brought there.


Aid Supplies for Defenders of Ukraine

New aid shipment for Ukraine is on its way! It includes power generators, chainsaws, candles, thermal underwear, winter shoes, and more for the rescuers and defenders! A special thank you to the Flowers4Ukraine project for the beautiful flower greetings! Follow this link, and you will discover incredible beauty!!!

Ukrainian War Wounded in Hamburg and Northern Germany

In recent months, 56 war-wounded patients have been admitted to clinics in Hamburg and Northern Germany. New patients are brought to Germany every three weeks. We, as part of the Ukrainian community in Hamburg, are deeply grateful that the war-wounded from Ukraine are being evacuated to Germany and treated in German hospitals. Our “Hospital Guides” project assists our war-wounded soldiers and civilians with treatment and rehabilitation in Germany.

Video report by journalist Mattias Marks on the war-wounded and their helpers.

We did it!

Every family has its own Christmas traditions, and so does our family, Fine Ukraine!

For 11 years, we have been loading and sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine during the Christmas season.

This year, thanks to your donations, we managed to send a whole fire truck, fully loaded with relief supplies! A heartfelt thank you to all donors! As promised, we have immortalized all names on the vehicle! Firefighters from Nowoworontsovka, we wish you good luck and great success with it!!!

Novovorontsovka is located directly on the front line in the south of Ukraine. The country is ablaze due to the constant rocket attacks by the Russian army.

The four brave firefighters from this small town, with support from some volunteers, are responsible for a vast area as large as the district of Pinneberg during these times of war!!!

Therefore, we decided to buy a fire truck in Germany and bring it to Novovorontsovka!

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Flowers 4 Ukraine
Call for Donations

Through the incredible support of each and every one of us, Ukraine can remain optimistic despite the severe war situation.

They look towards a better future, a future without repression and war.

Every type of assistance contributes to making this goal a reality. The flowers from the campaign are intended to underline and further spread the positive mindset. Because with every donation made, we add a colorful and personal sign of support to the aid packages – one of 1000 flowers.

With the donations, we assist in providing Ukrainians with essential resources, such as warm winter clothing, power generators, and medicine.

Your Donations Save Lives!

Dear Friends and Partners,
I want to show you that today, October 3rd, 2022, is also your day! The Ukrainian Army liberates the Cherson area, and volunteer helpers with transporters from Fine Ukraine e. V. are taking relief supplies from Fine Ukraine to the liberated villages, to the front line, evacuating the injured and those in need!
I want you to know that without your help and your donations, none of this would be possible!!!
Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!!!
Anna Rempel,
Chairwoman of the Board

Fire Truck for Novovorontsovka

Directly on the front line in the south of Ukraine is Novovorontsovka. The land is ablaze due to the constant rocket attacks by the Russian army.
The four brave firefighters from this small town, with support from some volunteers, are responsible for a vast area as large as the district of Pinneberg during these war times!!!
And their only equipment is what you see in the photo! Their fire truck is old and very unreliable.
That’s why we have decided to buy a fire truck in Germany and bring it to Novovorontsovka!
This is a matter of 10,000 to 12,000 Euro.
What bombs and rockets destroy can still be rebuilt, but fire leaves only ashes behind!!!
Help us stop the total destruction and donate to our fire truck project!
For that, we will immortalize your name on the vehicle!!!

Hamburg and Northern Germany

Together We Are Strong

The Ukrainian community in Northern Germany has organized itself to support our homeland and our compatriots during this pivotal time. Our association has become part of this initiative.

We coordinate in the following areas:

  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Collection of Donations and Funds
  • Reception and Social Counseling for Refugees
  • Care for War-Wounded and Seekers of Protection with Disabilities
  • Medical Care
  • Organization of Demonstrations and Events
  • Information Work

Let’s unite because unity is our strength!

We will win because the truth and God are with us!

Ukrainian Community in Northern Germany

Seekers of Protection from Ukraine and Helpers in Hamburg

Association's Activity During Wartime

References from our Partners and Friends

Mit Ihrer Hilfe können wir viel bewirken!


The Association for German-Ukrainian Cooperation ‘Feine Ukraine’ e.V. (recognized as a non-profit organization) for promoting humanitarian aid, youth assistance, and elderly assistance according to the exemption notice of the tax office Hamburg Nord, Tax Number 1745109353, dated 16.09.2022.

It is confirmed that donations will be used for statutorily tax-deductible purposes.

We are happy to send you a donation receipt. For this, we need your address. Please write the address on the bank transfer.

For donation payments up to 300 €, the tax authorities accept the booking confirmation (bank statement) as proof of donation.

For donations already transferred without an address, you can request donation receipts at the email address: